Friday 20th April at 7:30 PM

Human Flow [12]

Heartfelt documentary written and directed by renowned Chinese artist Ai Weiwei about the global refugee crisis.
The Nottage Maritime Institute

Saturday 21st April at 3:00 PM

Half Way [U]

A dispatch from the frontline of the homelessness purgatory.
William Loveless Hall

Saturday 21st April at 7:30 PM

Prick Up Your Ears [18]

Gary Oldman fascinates as Joe Orton.
William Loveless Hall

Sunday 22nd April at 7:30 PM

Makala [U]

A poetic documentary about one man’s struggles to make a living in rural Africa.
The Nottage Maritime Institute

Tuesday 24th April at 7:30 PM

The Death of Stalin [15]

A sulphurous black comedy about backstairs Kremlin intrigue following the death of Joseph Stalin in 1953.
William Loveless Hall

Wednesday 25th April at 7:30 PM

Loving Vincent [12]

An animation about the last days of van Gogh, entirely hand painted in his style.
The Nottage Maritime Institute

Friday 27th April at 7:30 PM

+music from Wivenhoe Folk Club

The Ballad of Shirley Collins [12A]

A 'wonderful, warm film centres on the 'lost' singer who made her most recent album at 82'.
The Royal British Legion

Saturday 28th April at 3:00 PM

All the President’s Men [15]

The classic Watergate story of two dogged reporters who brought down a President.
The Nottage Maritime Institute

Saturday 28th April at 7:30 PM

Battle of the Sexes [12A]

A light, funny, blissfully entertaining flick about heavy, sadly still relevant themes.
William Loveless Hall

Sunday 29th April at 3:00 PM

Chasing Coral [PG]

Wake-up call documentary on the unseen environmental damage being wreaked underwater.
The Nottage Maritime Institute