Update on ‘Reel Lives’ 2020


We want to let you know that we have had to make a decision about the Film Festival that was due to run from April 17 to 25. Things at present are very uncertain but it looks as if there will be more people making the decision to stay indoors, as the incidence of the coronavirus increases, and it is likely that the Government will soon be telling people over 70 to drastically reduce their social contacts. Many of our members are in this age group. We have therefore decided that we must, very regrettably, postpone the Film Festival indefinitely although we are determined to run it as soon as we can. We are hoping our sponsors will support us with this decision so that we can organise a festival in a comparatively short period of time, without having to raise sponsorship again.

Sydney Bayley Chair, Moving Image
Bob Jaques Chair, Wivenhoe Film Club